A cognitive scientist by vocation and a programmer, roboticist by avocation. Ever since his mind was young, he has been interested in all forms of automation that show the sign of inherent intelligence. He hopes that one day humanity will be able to unravel all the secrets of the universe with helps from our creations.

Brief curriculum vitae

  • Chief research officer, Vulcan coalition co., ltd.
  • Researcher, Bit Studio
  • FinTech and Software engineer, Thomson Reuters Thailand co., ltd.
  • Research roboticist, Hiveground co., ltd.
  • Master of computer science, McGill University
  • Bachelor of computer engineering, Chulalongkorn University

Bases of my thoughts

The scientific goal of every generation should be one that promotes the creating of solid building blocks of knowledge that future generations can use them with confidence that they will always work as intended.

A.I. will never steal your jobs. What makes you lose your jobs is your inadaptability.

Intelligence finishes your jobs. Intuition simplifies your jobs. Creativity adds values to your jobs. But it is motivation that makes them all happens.

The question of success is not who has done it first. It is who gets bored last.

Eventually, all new generations will surpass you. To surpass you, the question is not about when they will do but what you have done to help them.

It is not about how much you know. It is about how much you can do with what you know.

Knowing that things change is religious teaching. Knowing what changes is philosophy. Knowing which changes applied is logic. But knowing how much they change is mathematics.

A man's intelligence is measured by his diligence.

If you stumble upon a simple solution, share it with the world without commercializing it. But, if you manage to accomplish a challenging task, never offer your expertise for free.

It is often good to be optimistic because there is always some bad thing with being pessimistic.

Animals live up to their desires. Only human live up to their responsibility. But those who mark history live up to their curiosity.

Simply knowing how to train a neural network does not acquaint you with the insight into the brain. It simply creates another thing that you do not understand.

Learning new things alone does not make you grow. You must not lose old things behind too.


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